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F e a t u r e s 

  • PowerPC 603 or PowerPC 604
     32-bit microprocessor
  • L1 cache—16KB/16KB PowerPC
     603 or 32KB/32KB PowerPC 604
  • 16MB to 128MB of on-board ECC
  • Two 32-pin PLCC/CLCC sockets for
     Flash memory; up to 1MB capacity
     for on-board firmware or user
    specified requirements
  • 4MB on-board Flash memory for
     user-specified requirements
  • On-board debug monitor with self
    test diagnostics
  • Two IEEE P1386.1 compliant
     32/64-bit PMC expansion slots with
     front panel and P2 I/O
  • 64-bit PCI expansion mezzanine
  • 8K x 8 NVRAM and time-of-day
     clock with replaceable battery
  • One asynchronous serial debug port
      Four 32-bit timers, one 16-bit
     timer, one watchdog timer
  • Ethernet transceiver interface with
     32-bit PCI local bus DMA,
     10/100Mb/s with auto-negotiate
     speed select
  • A32/D32/BLT64 VMEbus
     master/slave interface with system
     controller function; high
    performance DMA supports
     VMEbus D64 and 64-bit PCI local
     bus memory burst cycles
  • 4-level requester, 7-level interrupter,
     and 7-level interrupt handler for
  • One VME slot, even when fully
     configured with two PMCs


See spec sheet


01-W3345F01                  PWBA,MVME2301                

01-W3345F02                  PWBA,MVME2302                

01-W3345F03                  PWBA,MVME2303                

01-W3345F04J                  PWBA,MVME2304                

01-W3345F05                  PWBA,MVME2305                

01-W3345F06                  PWBA,MVME2306                

01-W3345F07                  PWBA,MVME2307                

01-W3345F08                  PWBA,MVME2308                

01-W3345F09                  PWBA,MVME2301S               

01-W3345F10                  PWBA,MVME2302S               

01-W3345F11                  PWBA,MVME2303S               

01-W3345F12                  PWBA,MVME2304S               

01-W3345F13                  PWBA,MVME2305S               

01-W3345F14                  PWBA,MVME2306S               

01-W3345F15                  PWBA,MVME2307S               

01-W3345F16                 PWBA,MVME2308S               

01-W3345F17                PWBA,SMM2305-900GENWB        

01-W3345F21                PWBA,R,MVME2301 EURO         

01-W3345F22                PWBA,R,MVME2302              

01-W3345F23                PWBA,R,MVME2303              

01-W3345F24                PWBA,R,MVME2304              

01-W3345F25                PWBA,R,MVME2305              

01-W3345F26                PWBA,R,MVME2306              

01-W3345F27                PWBA,R,MVME2307              

01-W3345F28                PWBA,R,MVME2308              

01-W3345F29                PWBA,R,MVME2301S             

01-W3345F30                PWBA,R,MVME2302S             

01-W3345F31                PWBA,R,MVME2303S             

01-W3345F32                PWBA,R,MVME2304S             

01-W3345F33                PWBA,R,MVME2305S             

01-W3345F34                PWBA,R,MVME2306S             

01-W3345F35                PWBA,R,MVME2307S             

01-W3345F36                PWBA,R,MVME2308S      

01-W3345F50                SMMLN4200B-F

01-W3345F51               SMM2307-ING  

MVME2301, 01-W3345F01, 01-W3345F

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